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5 for Frogs - Saving the Large-crested Toad




Amphibian Ark has recently announced a new grassroots campaign - 5 for Frogs  - to raise awareness about the amphibian crisis and to raise enough funds to save 5 endangered species in 5 months.

We are asking kids and adults to help us save 'our' toad through acts of kindness and fundraising involving the number 5. Check out the following list of creative ways to get involved developed by AArk.  We've highlighted actions that can be adapted for your classroom in fundraising for the Large-crested Toad.


50 Ways to Save Amphibians:

  1. Ask 5 friends and 5 family members to sign the Amphibian Ark petition.
  2. Write 5 letters in support of frogs – letters to the newspaper editor and to local and national government leaders
  3. Collect $5.00 pledges from 5 people and run a 5K to raise funds
  4. Purchase 5 frog ringtones from the Amphibian Ark ringtones page.
  5. Invite 5 friends to build a Certified Wildlife Habitat in their backyards that creates homes for amphibians -
  6. Invite 5 friends to become FrogWatch volunteers -
  7. Donate 5% of your economic stimulus check
  8. Collect your loose change for 5 weeks and donate it to Amphibian Ark
  9. Organize a 5-mile Ribbit Ride – a family bike ride through the country listening for frogs in your area
  10. Organize an eating contest at your town’s annual summer picnic and challenge players to eat 5 funnel cakes with proceeds going to Amphibian Ark
  11. Hold a garage sale and donate 5% of your earnings
  12. Read 5 frog books this summer to your child
  13. Take your child, and four of his or her friends, to the amphibian exhibit at your zoo
  14. Bring your lunch to work for 5 days and donate $5.00 per day from the money saved
  15. Invite friends and family to participate in a Miniature Golf Marathon – teams of 5 receive $.50 pledges for every hole completed in 5 hours
  16. Fuel for Frogs – you and 5 friends pump gas and wash windshields at your local gas station for 5 hours with donations benefiting Amphibian Ark
  17. Learn the differences between the 5 major amphibian types: frogs, toads, salamanders, newts, and caecilians
  18. Bike to work for 5 days and donate the gas money saved to Amphibian Ark
  19. Gather groups of 5 people to solicit donations and petition sign-ups at grocery stores, churches, etc.

Things your child can do:

  1. Have a lemonade stand to raise $5.00 and serve “frog juice” by using green food coloring
  2. Have a bake sale with frog shaped cookies to raise $5.00
  3. Hold a car wash with 5 friends and wash 50 cars for $5.00 per car
  4. Have a Sidewalk Chalk Art Show - draw pictures of your 5 favorite frogs with 5 friends and invite your neighbors to view for $.50 per person
  5. Ask your parents for five additional chores – one per week – and donate $5.00 earned
  6. Work with your teacher to hold a classroom Leap-a-thon on May 19, National Frog Jumping Jubilee Day, with each classmate leapfrogging 50 times and collecting pledges from family and friends for each leap
  7. Do chores around the house to raise $5.00
  8. Create an amphibian trivia contest and invite 5 families to play
  9. Have a yard sale with old toys and clothes that are no longer used and raise $5.00
  10. Create a 5 for Frogs 5-month summer calendar and sell to family and friends for $5.00
  11. Have a guessing game jar and fill it with candy to raise $5.00
  12. Have a pajama party day where classmates pay $.50 to wear pajamas to school to raise $50.00
  13. Go door-to-door collecting aluminum cans or plastic bottles, take your items to the recycling center, and raise $5.00 for Amphibian Ark
  14. Have a La-Z-Boy day and raise $5.00 by selling tickets for one lucky teacher to spend an entire day of teaching from a La-Z-Boy chair
  15. Have a student/faculty 5-on-5 basketball or volleyball tournament to raise money
  16. Raise $5.00 with a Swim-a-thon and collect donations for every lap

Things your company can do:

  1. Pay $5.00 to wear jeans at work with the company matching 50% of the funds
  2. It’s 5:00 Somewhere Hoppy Hour – Ask employees to donate $5.00, $15.00, $25.00, or $50.00 for a ‘hoppy hour’ with drinks and appetizers
  3. Hold a corporate 5-person golf scramble for $150.00 per person
  4. Have a corporate bowling night with 5 frames of crazy bowl and 5 frames of regular bowl with proceeds going to Amphibian Ark
  5. Host a trivia night with teams of 5, a 50/50 raffle, and one category of fun frog trivia
  6. Have a ‘kiss the frog’ booth at the corporate picnic with senior executives kissing real or toy frogs following every $5.00 raised for Amphibian Ark
  7. Shed 5 pounds by giving up coffee/ sweets/etc and what normally would have been spent on these items can go to Amphibian Ark; the company then matches the total weight loss of all employees in dollars
  8. Arrange a corporate casino night with a $5.00 door donation and have tables with 5 card draw and $.05 slots
  9. Hold a Corporate Olympics Field Day Challenge with frog-themed games like jump rope, sack races, hop scotch, long jump, and hurdles; employees can make $5.00 donations to Amphibian Ark
  10. Host a Battle of the Bands with a $5.00 door charge and the proceeds will benefit Amphibian Ark
  11. Organize a Crock Pot hop where employees bring in their favorite crock pot dishes; other employees will pay $5.00 to judge with proceeds going to Amphibian Ark
  12. Host a corporate movie night and charge $5.00 per person to benefit the frogs
  13. Have a frog-themed ice cream social and charge $5.00 for all the tasty treats one can eat
  14. Ask employees to have their children create “save the frog” posters and display them in your lunchroom
  15. Host a wine tasting event with a $5.00 admission and a portion of the proceeds will benefit Amphibian Ark