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Welcome to The Amphibian Project! 

30-50% of all amphibians in the world could go extinct in your lifetime. This is your chance to do something about it.   

The Amphibian Project is working to save one of the world’s most endangered amphibians – the Large-crested Toad – from extinction.  Working in collaboration with teachers, students, and communities, we are actually saving this species from extinction through a few simple actions.   

You can help us in this effort by raising awareness about this crisis, learning about amphibians and spreading the word, being a friend to frogs, helping us raise funds to save the Large-crested Toad, and supporting our project.   

Teachers, join this historic effort by helping to solve one of our world’s most pressing conservation problems.  By incorporating amphibian education materials into your existing curriculum you can help raise awareness about this important issue.  Join us in saving frogs from, well, croaking. 

The Amphibian Project is a collaboration between five conservation professionals brought together by the Emerging Wildlife Conservation Leaders program working to save one threatened species of frog from extinction. The Amphibian Project Team is supporting Amphibian Ark to raise funds for and awareness of  the global amphibian extinction crisis. 



(Left) The only known picture of an adult Large-crested toad...

© Ricardo Luría Manzano

...until November 2008!!

   Africam Safari and their partners found several tadpoles and 1 adult male (right).






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Help a Frog is now on Facebook!  Come join the cause and show your support for amphibian conservation!


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