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Welcome to The Frog Shop - Fine Frog Art! 

Support endangered species conservation with your purchase of these stunning,

professional prints of colorful frogs.  Each watercolor print

is available in two different sizes 11 x 14 and 18 x 24.

A great gift for the wildlife or art lover in your life!

Donations are conducted through Fine Print's Art for Conservation



The Strawberry Poison Arrow Frog (Dendrobates pumilio) is a brightly colored frog that deters predators through toxins in its skin.  Found in lowland rainforests of Central America, this species is susceptible to the impacts of climate change and tropical deforestation.

Art based on original photograph by Ron Holt.  

11x14                FREE! with $35 donation

18x24                FREE! with $65 donation

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The Painted Reed Frog (Hyperolius marmoratus) is a native of southeastern Africa and is found in savannah and grassland habitats.  A unique ability to waterproof their skin allows them to bask in direct sunlight for long periods of time without drying out.  These colorful frogs are relatively common within their range but are increasingly threatened by wetland drainage and conversion of their open habitats to forest.

Art based on original photograph by Piotr Naskrecki.

11x14                FREE! with $35 donation

18x24                FREE! with $65 donation

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About the Artist

Pine Roehrs has been creating colored pencil drawings of frogs for over 13 years. She drew her first frog in the 8th grade as an art project and has been hooked on them ever since. Through this unique media, she infuses her subjects with life-like qualities and a vibrancy that resembles traditional acrylic or oil paintings. Pine grew up on a 110-acre apple farm in Clintondale, New York and has always had a keen love of wildlife and the environment. She currently works as a conservation researcher at Defenders of Wildlife in Washington, D.C. where she helps small nonprofits better conserve important lands for wildlife.


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