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Hosting an Auction

Auctions are fun ways to raise funds for a good cause.  Ask your friends, parents, teachers, or local companies to donate new or gently used items that can be auctioned off to save frogs.  Particularly successful items include unique crafts, furniture, or even excursions hosted by local citizens (local kayak or canoe trips, a special outing or frog walk at your local nature center, etc.).  You can choose a particular theme or simply have fun with what you get!     

If you canít host a full auction, you can always pair a silent auction with another frog event such as a play, breakfast, or slideshow.  At silent auctions, items are set up around a room, each with a suggested opening bid on a sheet below them.  Attendees can visit each item at their leisure and indicate their bids.  By the end of the event, the last person on the list (the highest bidder) wins the prize.