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  Piotr Naskrecki
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Educators: Leap In!

Through the Amphibian Project, you and your students can literally save the Large-crested Toad from extinction.  Your participation will help to raise awareness about the need to protect native frogs in your area and around the world.

Our project coincides with Amphibian Arks 2008 'Year of the Frog' campaign and has two primary components education and fundraising:


Educate students about frogs using the amphibian curriculum available on this website. Through these activities students will learn:

  • what amphibians are
  • why they are important in the environment and in our lives
  • what threats they face
  • how you can help


Engage students in raising awareness about the need to save amphibians though fundraising activities that will directly benefit the Large-crested Toad. With your help, we plan to raise $50,000 to help Africam Safari, a zoo in Puebla, Mexico, build a captive rescue facility (Were already half way there!). This facility will house threatened frogs until they can be safely released back into the wild. All funds raised through this project will go directly to Africam Safari. 

How can I get started? 

Interested in helping us with this historic opportunity? Weve provided some suggested steps for success to help your class get hopping:

  • Kick off your participation by inviting an amphibian expert to your school on Leap Day or conduct a similar event to get your students excited about saving frogs. 
  • Print the Pledge for Amphibians sheet and decide what your class can do for frogs. Post it in your classroom as a personal reminder of how you are helping to advance this important campaign.
  • Browse the education materials and choose the activities that work best for your class.
  • Engage your class in an outdoor activity such as Frogwatch USA, building a frog pond at your school, or monitoring local tree frogs this Spring a great way to make frog conservation personal for students.
  • Develop an ongoing fundraising campaign or a one-day fundraising event on Leap Day (February 29) or Earth Day (April 22) to support our goal to save the Large-crested Toad.

With your help, the Large-crested Toad will get its seat on the Amphibian Ark. Its not often that you can personally save a species. This is your chance.  Leap in!